Seed Starting Part 1 (a 3 part series): 4 Great Sources for Ordering Garden Seeds

I’m putting together a 3 part series on seed starting for all you home gardeners out there!

This first one will give you a look at my favorite places to buy seeds for my home garden and commercial cut flower, salad mix and herb garden.

The second one will cover how to plan your dream garden (STAY TUNED).

The third will walk you through how to start your seeds indoors (STAY TUNED).

So here’s a quick breakdown of where I order my seeds.

I prefer to order all my seeds online. The variety is endless and it’s easy to source organic and heirloom or open pollinated varieties if that’s what you’re looking for.

1) Johnnys Selected Seeds. Johnny’s is a comprehensive seed company out of Maine. They carry almost everything you would want to grow AND have tons of growing guides and resources. They carry organic, heirloom, open pollinated and conventional seeds.

I usually order the bulk of my seeds from Johnny’s as the quality and webpage functionality is outstanding.

They offer free shipping for orders over $200.00.

2) High Mowing. This is a company that sells exclusively organic seed out of Vermont. I love this company because I know everything is organic and extremely high quality. Most of my salad greens seeds come from High Mowing.

They offer free shipping on orders over $10.00! This is a screaming deal.

3) Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds. A company out of California that sells heirloom and old fashioned varieties. Their prices are VERY reasonable. Their print catalog is also SUPER fun to look through.

I usually only order some rare and unusual veggies or flowers that I can’t find anywhere else. Even though I don;t order much from them each year, what I have ordered has had great germination and good quality. And their packets of seeds usually have way more seeds than other seed companies.

4) Foundroot. I will admit that I haven’t ordered from these guys yet. BUT they are an Alaskan company that I would like to support. They have hand picked varieties that do great in Alaska and cater to home gardeners - which means their packet quantities won’t overwhelm you.

Their webpage and buying options are a bit clunky but I hope to stay tuned as their business grows.

So there it is! Page through some of these online catalogs or request a print catalog. Curl up in your cozy chair and dream about your spring garden.

Oh, and when do I do this?? I start putting together my seed orders in January. If I have any last minute purchases, I’ll do another order in February or March. Don’t wait too long as specific seed varieties do sell out! And, before you know it, you’ll be starting your seeds.

Stay tuned for the next Seed Starting Series on Planning Your Dream Garden!