Grants Galore

I imagined the winter months of 2017/2018 would bring more time for leisure, running, skiing, art, movie watching and more (and in fact I am doing a TON of these things). But I find myself also completely inundated with office work: website creation, bed planning, seed sourcing, and toiling over the application for three grants. Let's hope at least one comes our way in 2018! For a low-profit business like farming, startup money can be slim and grants can be a big help in paving the way towards profitability. Although writing them feels daunting, it's one of the reasons I LOVE farming-the fact that I have to do (and be relatively proficient at) many things: growing plants, designing systems, communication, basic accounting, marketing, business planning, budgeting, etc, etc. Cheers to the new year! And another year of farming!