Do you need holiday gift ideas?! Here are 5 Favorite Books from my Gardening Library

Looking for that special gift for a gardening friend?! Or need an addition to YOUR gardening library? I’ve got you covered this season.

While I know it can be overwhelming to sift through ALL those gardening books (there are so many), when you come across a winner it can be SO valuable in helping your skills grow.

Here you can see a handful of my favorite books that are currently on my farm/garden library shelf.

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10 Must-grows! My absolute favorite varieties from the 2018 flower cutting garden

The end of the growing season is a good time to reflect on what went well and what needs improvement for next year. There is simply nothing that compares to learning things from experience, sometimes the lessons are hard and other times they are joyous.

I’m going to focus on the latter and share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES from my 2018 cutting garden. These flowers stunned me every time I entered the garden with their productivity, abundance and beauty!

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3 Easy Recipes to Dress up your Salad Greens

If you’re like me, you LOVE a salad every day all through the summer!

Now don’t even think of using that store bought dressing. Not only does it taste inferior to your homemade variety, but it can be loaded with yucky additives, fillers and undesirable oils.

Honestly, if I'm short on time I'll just have a bottle of extra virgin olive oil and Grand Reserve Balsamic on our dinner table to drizzle on top.

BUT, if I want something a little extra special I'll whisk up one of the following quick and easy recipes.

ANYONE can make these at home and they sure will dress up your greens!

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Starting Seeds with Soil Blocks

Last year I was inspired to change up my seed starting system to include soil blocking. If you’re not sure what this is, please read on! Soil blocking requires taking a wet grow medium and using a little blocking press to create perfect stand alone squares in which to sow a seed or transplant. I invested in a 3/4” blocker for germinating slow growers and tiny seeds and a 2” blocker for transplanting into or sowing larger or quick growing seeds. These are available from Johnny’s Seeds (my favorite online planting/growing store).

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Grants Galore

I imagined the winter months of 2017/2018 would bring more time for leisure, running, skiing, art, movie watching and more (and in fact I am doing a TON of these things). But I find myself also completely inundated with office work: website creation, bed planning, seed sourcing, and toiling over the application for three grants. Let's hope at least one comes our way in 2018! For a low-profit business like farming, startup money can be slim and grants can be a big help in paving the way towards profitability. Although writing them feels daunting, it's one of the reasons I LOVE farming-the fact that I have to do (and be relatively proficient at) many things: growing plants, designing systems, communication, basic accounting, marketing, business planning, budgeting, etc, etc. Cheers to the new year! And another year of farming!